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Welcome to Crossover, we believe the Gospel transforms us from death to life

Who are we?

The name of the Church comes from three significant scriptures in the gospel of John:

Crossover (John 5: 24 NET = Evangelism)
Bible (John 17: 17 = Edification)
Fellowship (John 17: 21-23 = Unified Community).

It is our hope that as God draws people to this ministry they would experience all three based on our Love for God through Jesus Christ and the love we have for others. (Matthew 22: 34-40) As we love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves we anticipate Him doing a great work in our lives and yours through the power of the Holy Spirit.

When to Arrive

Church services begin promptly at 8:30am for our early morning service and 11:00am for our second service. If it is your first time visiting it is best to get to the church early to allow yourself time to park and to get comfortable. Who knows, there may even be a morning snack waiting for you in the fellowship hall.

What to wear:

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We are a church who accepts people for who they are not what they wear. Whether you come in as a suited business man or you come wearing jeans and a t-shirt it is fine with us. We are excited to have you as a guest and look forward to helping you grow in the faith.

What to expect:

We recognize that for some people going somewhere for the first time can bring about some uncertainties. In order to help here is a brief summary of what to expect at Crossover.

Most people show up prior to service beginning and locate a seat in the sanctuary. The service begins with a scripture reading followed by Praise and Worship.

After the opening praise and worship everyone is officially welcomed to the service as we take some intentional time to meet and greet one another. This time is followed by a time of reflection and a quiet time of prayer, if there are any needs on your heart and you would like to partner in prayer with someone we have prayer partners available.

After the prayer time there is often another selection by the worship team which prepares our hearts to hear the Word of God. The sermon, or message is always based on the Bible is designed to help us understand God, learn more of Him and apply it to our daily lives.

After service there is one thing we love to do and that is fellowship, it’s in our name so we can’t help it. People often spend 20 – 30 minutes speaking with one another and often go out in group for lunch.

Is Sunday the only meeting day?

God is with us throughout the week and there are many ways in which he interacts with us daily. To encourage further learning we also meet for midweek bible study called “The Emmaus Experience”. There are also many meetings that take place with the various ministries the church has.
There are many things that take place at crossover during the week and you will want to make sure to keep up to date by viewing our websites for updates.

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