Worship & Arts Ministry

Praise and Worship

The Worship & Fine Arts Ministry demonstrates worship unto God, and encourages the people of God artistically through dance, song, and exhortation, including spoken word and dramatic performances.

The Worship & Fine Arts Ministry leader is Artis Wilson. To find out more, contact worship@crossoverbf.com.

Ministry Lead:  Elder Artis Wilson

Instruments of High Praise – Worship Team

To provide the congregation with a meaningful praise and worship experience that focuses them on the person of God and His deeds, prepares them for the Word of God, and encourages a continued relationship with Him through songs that inspire and challenge.

IOHPWT members will have an active bible study and prayer life in order to edify the body of Christ through our lives and songs. We will regularly attend rehearsals and practice songs so we are presenting our best to God. Prayerfully songs will be selected that are scripturally sound and that minister to the diverse members of the body.

Fine Arts / Drama Ministry

To be an ongoing Christian Drama Ministry serving under the creative signature of God, done within the church setting and out, for the encouragement, entertainment, and enhancement of all people.

To create a quality creative Fine Arts/Drama Ministry that will effectively communicate a message of hope, love, and peace to both church-goers and the non-churched.

Having a heart for God and a solid relationship with him is the center driving force for this ministry. Each Fine Arts/Drama member must develop a passion to encourage the body of Christ by contributing their gift to the best of their ability. Fine Arts & Drama members are to serve diligently with pure hearts and a pure attitude to serve the saved and unsaved within the home, church, community and the world.

For more information please contact worship@crossoverbf.com

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